There are two alternative methods of maintaining carpets.

The first one is for dry carpets; the best way is to regularly vacuum. Preferably with a power head vacuum or a normal vacuum can be used as well. If the carpet is loose laid, vacuuming the backing side is also recommended.

The second method is to hose the carpet with fresh water. Using warm water and mild household detergent.   Soak the carpet with the solution for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water on both front and back of the material. It’s important when using the wet method; carpet should be left in open air to dry.

Never hang your carpet over the side of the boat or a fence, or use fabric softener. Never use a pressure washer on your carpet, as this may stretch the carpet pile and it will not fi t properly. For removing stains, it is always important to act quickly to remove efficiently.

If the carpet is able to be wet, use some mild household detergent or some very mild bleach solution and water, lightly rise through with clean water. If the carpet cannot be wet, use either a branded carpet spot cleaner (as directed). You should always check with the manufacture before using any chemicals on your carpet.