When towing your boat, you should remove any clears, and covers. There is a lot of wind pressure on your clears and covers when towing boat. With late model cars having more power, it is not uncommon to see someone going down the highway at 110kh with the boat in tow. This will in time stretch clears and any covers.

The bimini canopy and clears will act like a parachute; this puts a lot of pressure on the stitching and fittings on your covers. You should roll your clears (never fold your clears) and place them in the boat where they will not get damaged.

For your canopies and biminis you should fold them down if possible and secure them from moving around. You can get a sock made for this by your local marine trimmer. It is a cover with a zip you put over your bimini or canopy and zip together when the cover is folded back. By doing this, your covers will last a lot longer.

Custom Marine Trimming has its own in house wood shop, vinyl welder and carpet overlocker facilities. We now also do flexible solar panels. If you need extra power and you don’t have a frame to take ordinary solar panels, flexible are the way to go. They can be zipped on to new covers or clipped on to pre-existing covers and come in various wattages.