Clean & Care Tips

The Recommend Cleaning for Vinyl and Leather Cushions

When it comes to your vinyl and leather cushion, we recommend using Arco. This product helps to protect your cushions and will also help in removing marks. It also stops the vinyl or leather from drying out and cracking.

With regular maintenance, you can maximize the life of your covers, clears and cushions. If you have any questions about cleaning or if you need new covers, we are more than happy to assist.

The Recommend Cleaning and Maintenance for Press-Studs

With press-studs, a little bit of Vaseline on each clip will help to stop the salt build up.

If you have any clips that are stuck, use a fl at head screw driver between the press-stud and the clip in your cover to pop it off.

You should never try pull on the cover as the clip may pull out of the cover completely.

The Recommend Cleaning for Zips and Zip Runners

When it comes to your zips, you should regularly lubricate zips and zip runners.

Never force a zip as you my damage it. Salt builds up in-side your zip runners, which will stop the zip from working freely.

If you regularly spray your zips with silicone spray (notWD40), you will maximums the life of your zips.

The Recommend Cleaning Process for Clears

Remove any particles on the surface of the materials to avoid scratches when wiping with a clean cloth

Clean with a soft fabric cloth using a diluted warm water based detergent solution of 1:10 (1 part detergent to 10 parts water) use a neutral detergent, and always check with the manufacturer.

Rinse completely with clean water and wipe dry with a soft lint free cloth or sponge.

You should never fold your clears, always roll the clear for storage.

Never roll up your clears when wet, irreparable damage may occur due to the sunlight magnifying through the clear, and heating up the moisture captured inside.

If your clears are hard to see through and the outside surrounds are still ok, we can sew new clears in and cut the old ones out.

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